Mission Statement
The purpose of the Friends of Dorothea Dix Park is to promote the establishment and support of a "World Class Destination Park" in North Carolina's Capital City on the Dorothea Dix campus, saving the existing open space and preserving the historically significant buildings.

News Articles

City offers $10.5 million for Dix, Raleigh News and Observer 6/14/2007
Raleigh Mayor Pressing State Lawmakers to Sell Land, WRAL.com 6/14/2007
Raleigh makes $10.5M bid to buy Dix campus, Triangle Business Journal 6/14/2007
Dorothea Dix On The Mind Of Raleigh, The Raleigh Chronicle 6/14/2007
Raleigh offers to buy Dorothea Dix, News 14 Carolina 6/14/2007
Group Offers $10.5 Million to Develop Park on Dix (Video), WRAL.com 6/14/2007
The House passed a placeholder bill, Independent Weekly5/30/2007
Groups Push for Parks at Dorothea Dix Site
, NBC17, 5/15/2007,
by Brian DeRoy 
A chance to make new history
, The Charlotte Observer, 5/13/2007,
  by Jack Betts    
One and Only Chance
News & Observer, 4/2/07 , Letter, by D.H. Griffin Sr.
Petition reaches 2500 signatures in two weeks
Carolina Newswire
Clay Aiken backs Dix park
News & Observer
Dix 306 Signs Becoming Popular Statewide
(WPTF)-  March 26, 2007
Wake mayors association supports Dix park Triangle Business Journal -  March 26, 2007
Dix 306 - a park no one would regret News & Observer POV- Jay Spain March 14, 2007
Downtown News & Observer Letter
Dix Debate
WUNC Radio The State of Things March 7, 2007
All Park
News & Observer Letter
Just a park
News & Observer Lead Editorial
Dix, naturally
News & Observer Letter
No park in Easley's plan for Dix land
News 14 Carolina
Some fellow Democrats cold to Easley's proposal for Dix campus
News & Observer 
Some fellow Democrats cold to Easley's proposal for Dix campus
  The Herald Sun Durham 
Poll: 71% say preserve Dix campus as park, open space
Triangle Business Journal - Patrick Hogan Feb 21, 2007
The matter of financing Dix Park
News & Observer POV- Jeri Gray Feb 21, 2007
     Read a point by point response to this article by FDDP
Don't build housing at Dorothea Dix
The Technician Feb 12, 2007
Point of View
News & Observer Charles Montgomery  Feb 12, 2007
Basement Hill: From trash to treasure
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith Feb 8, 2007
Dix campus grove already a park to many
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith Feb 7, 2007
Group Pushes for Park on Dix Campus
WTVD Mike Dunston Feb 7, 2007
Sign Campaign Pushes 306 Acre Dix Park Plan
Raleigh Chronicle Elliott West
Feb 6, 2007
The great green hope: a meadow
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith Feb 6, 2007
Two Park Plans WRAL
Feb. 5, 2007
McBryde building: Lost masterpiece or uninspired remake? News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith Feb 5, 2007
Audio Slide Show: Feb. 4, 2007: A tour of Dix Hill
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith Feb 4, 2007
Many options, little time for Dix plan
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith Feb 4, 2007
Decisions on Dix: Emptiness costs
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith Feb 4, 2007
Signs of Dix Park Appear
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith and Josh Shaffer Feb 3, 2007
Friends of Dorothea Dix Park announced updated website
Carolina Newswire Feb 2, 2006
Greg Poole’s Dix is great. His TIF financing plan isn’t.
Independent Weekly Article by Bob Geary Jan 31, 2007
Official air in Dix park push
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith Jan 27, 2007
NCSU Dean Urges Putting Dix Land Before Buildings
WRAL Jan 25, 2007
Roundabout Raleigh
Independent Weekly Article by Bob Geary Jan 24, 2007
Latest Dix Idea Focuses on Park
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith Jan 24, 2007
Big Chance at Dix News & Observer Editorial Jan 24, 2007
NC legislative panel recommends park, commercial use for Dix site News & Observer NC Newswire Jan 23, 2007
Panel Supports Recommendation for Dix Campus WRAL Dan Bowens Jan. 23, 2007
Legislators free to mold Dix Hill News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith Jan 23, 2007
Book to chronicle Dix's 150-year history
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith  Dec 27, 2006
The end of Ho Ho Hum
Independent Weekly Article by Bob Geary December 20, 2006
Dix park getting new push
News & Observer Ryan Teague Beckwith December 9, 2006
Proposed Dix-NCSU land swap sets up a tussle
News & Observer Ryan Beckwith Dec 7, 2006
"Imagine Dix"  Independent Weekly Article by Bob Geary November 29, 2006
Raleigh seeks support on Dix purchase
News & Observer Staff Reports Nov 22, 2006
Misplaced development Letter to Editor, J. Huberman Forum November 12, 2006
News & Observer
Editorial Opinions: Sunday Forum November 12, 2006
Independent Weekly Dorothea Dix plan: The ULI's plan is not exactly a park November 8, 2006
News & Observer Dix Ripe For Blame Game by Dennis Rogers September 20, 2006
News & Observer Deciding on Dix Hill, An Editorial September 14, 2006
Independent Weekly Planning Dix September 13, 2006
Raleigh Eco News 'Big Voice' Joining Dix Debate Belongs to the Real-Estate Development Industry, September 8, 2006
News & Observer Big voice will join Dix land debate, September 8, 2006
News & Observer Letter to Editor, August 25, 2006
News & Observer Time To Think Big Raleigh by Dennis Rogers August 5, 2006
News & Observer Photo gallery of Dix Campus June 13, 2006
Triangle Business Journal Dix land has one logical use - a park June 9, 2006
Public Policy Polling Poll Results June 8th, 2006 (.pdf file)
News & Observer Large park is best use of Dix site, voters say in poll June 8, 2006
News & Observer Dix Park Plan Has Guiding Light May 8, 2006
News & Observer Complex plans perplex panel April 27, 2006
News & Observer Dreams for Dix fills ears of pols April 26, 2006
News & Observer Letter to the Editor April 11,2006
News & Observer Lot of talk, little action on Dix site April 5, 2006
Metro Magazine Preserve or Develop: Dix Hill Opportunity Creates Controversy, February 2006
Op-Ed DIX PARK – Our Heritage --- a timeless place of reflection and renewal, January 30, 2006
News and Observer Conserve faster, report urges, September 27, 2005
Bangor Daily News Lawmakers herald BMHI's new name inspired by Dix, September 01, 2005
News & Observer Raleigh, Wake weigh in on Dix,  August 23, 2005
News & Observer Dix plans will get review.  July 23, 2005
News & Observer Dix Plans Meet with Disapproval.  July 20, 2005
News & Observer Downtown Dirt Inspires Dix.  July 19, 2005
News & Observer 2 Options Offered For Dix.  July 18, 2005
News & Observer Most think idea of park taking root.  May 19, 2005
News & Observer People's voices shape Dix choices. May 18, 2005
News & Observer Orchestra plays for Dix gym. May 17, 2005
News & Observer United in fight for preservation May 17, 2005
News & Observer Don't put high-rises on the hill.  Column by Ruth Sheehan May 16, 2005
News & Observer Dozens share ideas for Dix campus April 24, 2005
News & Observer Garden, park top pitches. April 20, 2005
News & Observer It's your chance to shape Dix's future April 17, 2005
News & Observer Hobbyists push for garden March 28, 2005
News & Observer Earth to move to Dorothea Dix March 22, 2005
Triangle Business Journal OPINION From the February 4, 2005 print edition
Friends of Dix Park Founding News Release August 17, 2004
News & Observer City gets shot at greatness by Dennis Rogers April 21, 2004
Pledge for a Park  Editorial  April 21, 2004
LandDesign get Contract for Dix Master Plan RICHARD STRADLING 10/13/04
NCSU deals for rural land RICHARD STRADLING, Staff Writer 11/4/04
What do we do with Dix Richard Stradling July 18, 2004
Raleigh doctor offers $1 million for Dix park effort RICHARD STRADLING April 17, 2004
Leaving a Legacy  Martha Quillin August 1, 2004
Non-profit to push for park on Dix site RICHARD STRADLING August 20, 2004
State seeks offers on land  RICHARD STRADLING August 21, 2004
News & Observer Senators want to give public a say over Dix Sept 27, 2002



Jay Spain, President of Friends of Dix Park to LandDesign
Jerry Reynolds, President, North Carolina Herpetological Society
Assad Meymandi, MD, PhD Letter to Legislators 
The Raleigh CAC (Citizens Advisory Council) Endorsement of Dix Park
Bill Holman  Clean Water Fund   February 12, 2004
The Wake County Historical Society July 4, 2004 
Sierra Club Policy Statement 2004
Surry Roberts November 13, 2004
People for Parks May 12, 2004
Partners for Environmental Justice December 1, 2004
Capital Area Preservation, Inc November 18, 2004
City or Raleigh Parks and Greenway Advisory Board

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