Mission Statement
The purpose of the Friends of Dorothea Dix Park is to promote the establishment and support of a "World Class Destination Park" in North Carolina's Capital City on the Dorothea Dix campus, saving the existing open space and preserving the historically significant buildings.

Take Action

First go to our "Membership" page to make sure we have your contact information.   While there you can request a sign for your yard and volunteer to help at the grassroots level.

Here are some posters you can print and put up (after getting permission) at the various places you frequent.

Here are some  brochures and membership forms you can print and hand out at gatherings you are attending.

Please let us know if we can present the Park Plan to your group.

Please keep in touch! 
Let us know what events you are attending and where you posted information.

Email Address


Contact your Legislators

Click HERE to locate your State Representatives.

Link to the County Commissioners (WakeGov website)

Raleigh City Council 2007 - Email List
Charles Meeker Charles.Meeker@ci.raleigh.nc.us
Joyce Kekas joyce@kekas.com
Russ Stephenson Russ.Stephenson@ci.raleigh.nc.us
Tommy Craven tfcraven@nc.rr.com
Jessie Taliaferro jessie@jessietaliaferro.com
James West James.West@ci.raleigh.nc.us
Thomas Crowder Thomas.Crowder@ci.raleigh.nc.us
Philip Isley pisley@boyceisley.com
To send to the whole City Council, paste this into the "TO:" field of your email Charles.Meeker@ci.raleigh.nc.us, joyce@kekas.com, Russ.Stephenson@ci.raleigh.nc.us, tfcraven@nc.rr.com, jessie@jessietaliaferro.com, James.West@ci.raleigh.nc.us, Thomas.Crowder@ci.raleigh.nc.us, pisley@boyceisley.com



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