Third Community Meeting

third community meeting at dix park
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The Park and Its Buildings + Partners

The third public community meeting on the master plan of Dorothea Dix Park was held at the park in the Haywood Gymnasium on Wednesday, June 13th. Approximately 500 community members attended and were able to give feedback on the next round of ideas by the design team, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates. This meeting focused on the future use of the buildings and potential partners that could contribute to the positive lifestyle of the park. 

Creating a strategy for the buildings and their future uses will help guide how partners can collaborate with the park, how the history and legacy is honored, and how civic and park uses will intersect. The park and partners can work together to support and complement the public life of the park in a way that will be unique to Raleigh and to Dix Park. Download their presentation and display boards below to learn more. 



presentation cover
presentation cover
MVVA talks with the public about buildings at Dix Park
Matt Urbanski talks with local designers about ideas for the future use of the buildings.