Discover Dix Park with Scavenger Hunts

October 8, 2020

Discover Dix Park Scavenger Hunt screenshot

Ready for a challenge?  Our new scavenger hunt adventures are sure to get you to out exploring Dix Park in a fun new way.

Family Photo Scavenger Hunt

This kid-friendly challenge uses photo clues to help you find different places throughout Dix Park. When your family (or friend group!) finds each of the ten pictured locations, take a "family photo." 

At the end, share your favorite photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #DixPark and the caption “We completed the Dix Park Family Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge!” for the chance to get featured @DixPark. 

Printed copies of the scavenger hunt are available in the colorful kiosk cubes around the park or you can download the file below. 

Family Photo Scavenger Hunt 

*Shhhh! Parents, there is a map with locations on the second/back page if you need it.


Get A Clue Scavenger Hunt

For those of you looking for a brain teaser challenge, this is the game for you. Grab your smartphone and head out to the park to see if you can solve this mind workout scavenger hunt.

To get started, search the coordinates “35.770167,-78.65969” on your smartphone. Head to that pinned location in the park to find your first clue.  Follow the clues, unravel the puzzles, and solve the final mystery for a chance to win a cool Dix Park Prize.

Here are some tips:

  • Look high, look low to find your clues 
  • Bring a pen and paper to take notes
  • Make sure to pay close attention to the hidden letters along the way!

Please play fair  do not move or alter the game pieces you find throughout the park.

*Get A Clue Scavenger Hunt is open through the month of October. Prize winners chosen randomly after October 31, 2020.


Contact Joseph Voska, Programs and Operations Supervisor, at 919-996-6688 or