Recent News From Dix Park

Maintenance Innovation at Dorothea Dix Park
The 308-acre Dorothea Dix Park wants to be a model for civic space If you’ve ever wondered how different cities’ signature parks, like New York’s Central Park or Chicago’s Lincoln Park, would look if they were designed in the 21st century, keep your eyes on Raleigh, North Carolina.
CreativeMornings Raleigh hosts monthly breakfast lecture series for the local creative community. On Friday, May 31 at CAM Raleigh, Dorothea Dix Park Planning Supervisor, Kate Pearce, was invited to speak on the theme: Preserve.
What You Need to Know We are very excited for Dreamville Festival this weekend! Please know that City of Raleigh and festival production team are working together to make this an excellent experience for all. We are keeping the safety of attendees and community members, along with protection of our park property, top of mind.