Dix Park continues to strive to be accessible and welcoming for visitors, including those with disabilities. 

Currently, portions of Dix Park, including some areas where programs and events occur, have uneven surfaces and are not fully accessible. Accessibility is a primary focus for early park improvements and all park planning and development projects. Learn about Accessibility Improvements underway.

Parking: Accessible parking spaces are available in all paved lots.

Restrooms: Accessible temporary restrooms are located at the Big Field and Flowers Field. Indoor accessible restrooms are available in the Chapel.  

Play: Accessible swings are available at the Magnolia Room. Accessible pathways lead to the play features at the Magnolia Room and Oak Room. 

Programs and events: All movies are shown with subtitles. We offer Guided Walking Tours with ASL interpreters and Trolly Tours. Check our Event Calendar or contact us for dates. In 2023, Dix Park is debuting accessible pathways at Raleigh 4th of July Fireworks and at the Sunflower Field. 

Raleigh Parks Inclusion Services works with community members to support participation including language translation and interpretation. To request a program modification based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or language access, please complete and submit the Accommodation Request Form or contact Inclusion Services staff at 919-996-2147 or

Planning a visit to Dix Park and have questions about accessibility? Contact our staff at or 919-996-3255.

Dorothea Dix Park is committed to effective communication, ensuring everyone can access information. 

Website: Web development updates to in 2020 focused on applying relevant accessibility standards based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) including color and contrast, text size and weight, navigation, and link format. Additional items have been identified for future web development improvements.

Alternative Format and Language Access: Documents and other materials are available in alternative formats upon request.  Contact Raleigh Parks Inclusion Services staff at 919-996-2147 or

We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of our website, documents, and digital assets. Contact Lauren Danforth, Marketing & Communications Analyst at 919-996-4916 or