Cultural Interpretive Plan

Historic hospital cemetery headstone

Dix Park has a complex, layered past that reflects broader themes in our national history and in our society today: mental health, wellness, race, justice, and perseverance.

The Cultural Interpretive Plan seeks to provide clarity, depth and structure to how these themes can be articulated at Dix Park for the enrichment of the city, state and nation.


  • Research
  • Site Visits
  • Scholar’s Panel
  • Storytelling Workshops
  • Meetings with Committees & Stakeholders


  • A Plan that identify the key themes, characters and stories.
  • Recommendations on how to create an immersive visitor experience through exhibits, art, signage and technology.


The City anticipates kicking off the 12-month Cultural Interpretive Plan process in Fall 2022.

Project Contact

Kate Pearce – Planning Supervisor

Project Documents

Coming soon...

Other Presentations 

Project update presentations are given at City Council, Dix Park Leadership Committee and Dix Park Community Committee meetings. City of Raleigh Public Meeting Agendas, Presentations and Minutes are available using the city's paperless system. In BoardDocs, click the icon in the top right corner to select the committee you are looking for to view meeting materials.