Recent News From Dix Park

CreativeMornings Raleigh hosts monthly breakfast lecture series for the local creative community. On Friday, May 31 at CAM Raleigh, Dorothea Dix Park Planning Supervisor, Kate Pearce, was invited to speak on the theme: Preserve.
What You Need to Know We are very excited for Dreamville Festival this weekend! Please know that City of Raleigh and festival production team are working together to make this an excellent experience for all. We are keeping the safety of attendees and community members, along with protection of our park property, top of mind.
If you haven’t found them already, make sure to go see the spectacular ribbon of yellow sweeping through Flowers Field at Dorothea Dix Park. The story behind the wave of daffodils is as unexpected as the blooms themselves.
The Raleigh City Council today unanimously adopted the Dorothea Dix Park Master Plan, directing City staff to develop an implementation plan for Phase 1. The Master Plan serves as the overall vision and guide that the City will use as a framework to create Dorothea Dix Park.