Park Guidelines

Cemetery crepe myrtle trees in bloom

Welcome to Dix Park!

  • Outdoor park spaces are open from dawn until dusk, seven days-a-week.
  • On weekdays, visitors should only use Public Parking areas.
  • Dogs must be kept on-leash unless inside the dog park fence.
  • Keep the park clean and green - dispose of all trash or take it with you.

Please be Mindful:

  • The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services administrative headquarters are located on park grounds.
  • Monday - Friday during business hours, please avoid buildings and parking areas.
  • Be aware of the weekday public parking areas. On evening and weekends, you can park in any lot.
  • Over 900 people are buried at the cemetery. Please be respectful of this sacred ground.

Drones and Model Rocket Rules:

Commercial Photography & Film:

Raleigh Park Rules prohibit:

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Off-leash dogs & not properly disposing of dog waste
  • Littering
  • Alcohol use, except by permit
  • Smoking & Vaping
  • Open flames, except in provided grills
  • Fireworks
  • Camping
  • Drug use
  • Commercial activity, except by permit
  • Disturbing plants & wildlife
  • Digging, excavating or removing park property


    Contact Dix Park Staff at 919-996-3255 or