Site & Partnership Study

McBryde building at Dix Park

In July 2025, it is anticipated the City will take over responsibility for all buildings currently occupied and maintained by the Department of Health and Human Services at Dix Park. The adopted Master Plan proposes removing 53 buildings and rehabilitating 32 buildings to support the future of the park. Many do not meet accessibility standards and some contain hazardous materials that would need to be removed or abated. In addition, many of the existing buildings are supported by centralized, aging utility systems which will require decommissioning and replacement. Most of the water, sanitary sewer and storm water pipes in the park are outdated and the City has limited mapping and existing condition information. 

Building & Site Analysis

For the park to transform over time, a clearer understanding of building viability from a structural and code perspective, as well as site suitability that includes an assessment of the location, condition and functionality of the current infrastructure system is needed. The City will work with a consultant team, led by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA), on the Building & Site Analysis to further our understanding of the site in part to inform an analysis of the potential for the renovation and reuse of buildings in the park. 

Partnership & Financial Feasibility Framework

The City has also engaged the Development Finance Initiative (DFI) in the UNC Chapel Hill School of Government to work in collaboration with this effort to assist the City with evaluating partnership potential and financial feasibility of building reuse that complements the core principles and vision outlined in the Master Plan. Together, these two studies will confirm, refine and advance the recommendations of the Master Plan to inform the reuse and renovation of buildings on the property. 


Spring 2022 - Winter 2023

Project Contact

Kate Pearce – Planning Supervisor

Planning Documents

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Other Presentations 

Project update presentations are given at City Council, Dix Park Leadership Committee and Dix Park Community Committee meetings. City of Raleigh Public Meeting Agendas, Presentations and Minutes are available using the city's paperless system. In BoardDocs, click the icon in the top right corner to select the committee you are looking for to view meeting materials.